COVID-19 and Blogging

covid and harmony massage

Blog they said, it will be easy they said.  So I typed the first sentence and then sat here, staring at the computer for a few minutes.  Where do I start? “Its not like you are going anywhere for a while” my brain said, “so sit there til you get inspired”.  Those of you who know me are probably laughing right about now, since sitting still and Donna don’t necessarily go together well. 🙂

However, like many of you, I’m at home for the next month because of covid-19, so while I can’t physically touch you during this time, I’d like to be able to touch you in other ways. After all, Harmony Massage is about Balancing Mind, Body and Soul!  What better time to be able to research, filter through information, absorb it and share than this!

covid 19 support from harmony massage

“But I want a massage now!!”
Well then, that makes two of us! But since neither of us is getting one any time soon, what can we do in the meantime during this covid-19 pandemic? Yup, you guessed it, that will be the focus of the next couple of blog posts.  In the meantime, based on the current restrictions for the massage industry, you can start booking massages for the week of June 1st online.  I have increased the number of clients I will see each day to help accommodate what I believe will be a very busy time period for massage therapists when this is all over.

Looking ahead- my next blog will be about the Importance of Self Care along with some suggestions on how to help your body get through this “massageless” time. Until then, breathe deeply and know that this too, shall pass.

Be well!

Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen

Shakti Gawain