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If you have a question about Harmony Massage, our services, or massage therapy in general we would love to help.

 I’m glad you asked!  In my experience as a massage therapist I have found that the vast majority of people do not need just one kind of massage modality such as “deep tissue” or “Swedish” to address their needs. Sometimes just one body part might require deep work, while another might benefit more from cupping, the use of hot bamboo sticks or sports-style compressions or stretching. In addition, those needs can change from one session to the next.  After all,  what is “therapeutic” to one person may not be therapeutic to someone else!

No, you are not required to completely disrobe.  The last thing I want is for my clients to feel uneasy or awkward during a massage.  Therefore you will be instructed to “undress to your level of comfort” which puts you in charge! Please note: Thai Massage and Chair Massage do require you to stay fully dressed, however.

Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as ancient China and Egypt.  It is considered “negative pressure” (as opposed to “direct pressure” such as pressing on a knot) which penetrates up to approximately 4″ into the body and creates space between all the layers under the skin such as adipose tissue, muscle, fascia, circulatory system etc..  This allows for tightness to be reduced and better circulation.   Silicone cups of different sizes are used to create suction over small areas.
​I use deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques when needed to accomplish the goals of the session.  I do not believe in the unnecessary application of deep pressure to areas that are not tight or restricted, just for the sake of delivering a “deep tissue massage”. There is the risk of damaging muscle tissues by using too much force which is counterproductive to the basic concepts of massage therapy.
Deep work does not need to hurt to be effective.  I use my forearms for most deep work, to avoid the “poky”, painful feeling that knuckles and elbows cause.  You may feel some discomfort the next day, but you should not be in pain.  Providing your therapist with feedback during the massage will help insure the least amount of discomfort both during and after the massage. Icing any sore areas will help reduce discomfort.

​Unfortunately, massage therapists are not allowed to bill insurance for massage in the State of NH.  However, if you were in a MVA or injured in a WC situation, massage may be reimbursable with doctors orders.  Please contact your vehicle insurance or workman’s compensation carrier for more details.
HSA cards can be used to pay for massage service if you have a debit card issued by your employer for that purpose.

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